Stalking Crow Games

A Szurokzápor szerepjáték kezdődossziéja
The "GAMECHANGER CARDS" contain twenty reward cards that can be distributed among the players.
A role-playing game project, that provides instantly usable game-enhancing supplements.
A ready-to-use mansion playset for TTRPG's
A swiss army knife for all fantasy gamemasters!
YARN (for One-Page RPG Jam 2022)
A jumpship battlemap
Create your own dungeon with this tileset!
The original reference image was a Laselle 328.
The original reference image was Packard 734.
Egyik első, publikált modulom és a mai napig az egyik kedvenc történetem.
Small dungeons for Big adventures!
The "Bride" is a full day campaign for any Lovecraftian RPG's. It's in hungarian language only.